ATHENA brake discs are made of cast iron with a high carbon content. They are ideal for use on roads, for any vehicle as, compared with OEM parts, they increase and ensure constant performance.

Each braking surface requires a specific design for the drilling, done using CNC machining software, to prevent the holes from interfering with the internal cooling fins. The holes allow elimination of fade gas and abrasion dust caused by braking, while the grooves keep the brake pads always clean and fresh, thus improving braking reliability.

The ATHENA Wheel Spacers range:

  • Standard wheel spacers with/without bolts
  • Double bolts wheel spacers
  • Off-Road wheel spacers
  • PCD adapters
  • Lighter spacers


  • White anodized treatment preventing oxidation and granting durable aesthetical properties
  • Precise bolts for the specific application /li>
  • Up-to-date and wide range
  • Technical design, top R&D skills
  • CNC-machine production ensures consistent precise tolerances

ATHENA MLS gaskets are designed to suit the requirements of today’s competition engines offering enhanced sealing compared to the OEM product. The gaskets are assembled from 2-5 layers of high quality stainless and spring steels. For specific high horsepower applications, engine performance can be significantly improved by using Athena Cooper Ring gaskets, that are supplied with INOX steel rings. This technology outperforms conventional fire ring solutions.

ZRP connecting rods are forged from high tensile 4340 steel. They are designed for high performance and extreme durability. ZRP connecting rods are available in H-beam and L-beam shape and some models come in a light weight version. For superior tolerances ZRP connecting rods undergo CNC machining.

JE designs are specifically engineered for extreme applications up to - and including - professional competition. In this environment, the highest compression ratios, highest boost or heavy nitrous usage necessitate the higher tensile strength 2618 aluminum alloy.
The piston heads do not require any deburring or preparation and feature smooth flowing radii for excellent backfiring. Pin fitting, wire locks and rings included.

ATHENA is an International group with three divisions and ten branches both in Italy and around the world. Athena Industries: applications and supplies for the automotive industry, earth movement and agricultural machinery, food industry, adaptors, compressors, heat/cold machinery. Athena Parts: motorbike, scooter, maxi scooter, off road and automotive mechanics and electronics. Athena Evolution: distribution in Italy of brands such as GoPro, Red Bull Eyewear, Ogio, Recon and Xsories.